Stephan Meidell

guitarist / composer

2018 touring with "Metrics"

We are visiting two festivals this spring:

Borealis Festival and Rewire Festival

With me I have this wonderful ensemble:

Magda Mayas - prepared piano

Benedicte Maurseth - hardanger fiddle

Morten Barrikmo - clarinets

Lars Henrik Johansen - harpsichord

Thorolf Thuestad - sound

Please contact me if you are interested in having the ensemble at your venue!

EAT "Åra"

Fourth album this year, and it's the most efficient record to date! We recorded it in January this year, and it was such a treat working in Duper Studio with Iver Sandøy. Later we had a wonderful time mixing with the amazing Jørgen Træen, who really handled the material in an inspiring way.

I think we really brought the music to new places, and developed the sound we've found as a trio. Gigs lined up for the autumn, and exciting things happening in 2018!

Call me: + 47 976 16 689

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