Stephan Meidell

guitarist / composer

2018 touring with "Metrics"


We visited two festivals this spring:


Borealis Festival and Rewire Festival




Magda Mayas - prepared piano

Benedicte Maurseth - hardanger fiddle

Morten Barrikmo - clarinets

Lars Henrik Johansen - harpsichord

Thorolf Thuestad - sound


Please contact me if you are interested in having the ensemble at your venue!


EAT "Åra"

Our second album with the trio, and a very inspiring session both composing, recording and mixing with Erlend and Øyvind, Iver Sandøy (rec), Jørgen Træen (mix) and Andreas Meland (co-producing).

I think we really brought the music to new places, and developed the sound we've found as a trio. Gigs lined up for the autumn, and exciting things happening in 2018!

Call me: + 47 976 16 689

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