Stephan Meidell

guitarist / composer

New solo album "Metrics"

Very happy to announce that my upcoming album "Metrics" will be out March 17 in Norway and April 27 internationally. This time around I have a great ensemble of musicians, ranging from prepared piano, Hardanger fiddle, clarinet, harpsichord and baroque violin. I started working on this album back in 2015, during a residency in Berlin.

Cakewalk "Ishihara"

We're finally releasing our third album on Hubro. February 24 in Norway and April 21 internationally. "Ishihara" turned out to be a crazy record, influenced by our separate journeys through synth pop, stoner rock and electro acoustic explorations. We'll be touring a bit with this through Norway in February - March, and will be trying out some extensive touring through Europe in the autumn. Info will be posted at our new website cakewalk.no


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