Stephan Meidell

guitarist / composer


I’m a musician and composer working out of Bergen, with a dedicated focus on improvisation and sound. I mainly use guitar and bass together with preparations, electronics and amplifiers in both sound sculpting, jazz, progressive kraut rock, noise rock and electro acoustic music. Later works also involve synthesizer and drum machine, and programming in Max/MSP.

I have a background in jazz, from the Conservatory in Amsterdam, and have gradually moved from a more conventional jazz-idiom to music of many genres, where the key element is improvisation and extensive sound research.     

Current bands and projects are:

Erlend Apneseth Trio - combining Norwegian folk sounds with improv and electronics

Solo - a playground where I mix influences from all over the spectrum.

Cakewalk - guitar, synth and drums play improvised drone rock.

Strings & Timpani - guitar and drums improvising our way through countless genres.

Krachmacher - pop and noise loving rock music with an impossible name.

I’m also a music critic and curator for new and experimental music.

Call me: + 47 976 16 689

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